Loss Prevention

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Loss Prevention’s mission is to develop and maintain customer-focused partnerships with our policyholders that will allow gathering and assessment of real-time data and responses with specific, value-added consultative services, preventing and mitigating loss.

Why Gray?

At Gray, we take a proactive approach to loss prevention by making a personal commitment to providing our insureds with valuable resources and feedback to positively impact risk management.


Customer Experience

Loss Prevention representatives put service before self, focusing on relationships, trust, communication, and preparation to assure a healthier and safer workplace.



Regardless of the insured’s premium volume or loss ratio, we offer quarterly loss prevention services (or more frequently upon request) at no additional cost to the insured.


Superior Service

Actively caring for people, our Loss Prevention representatives identify, evaluate, and eliminate or mitigate exposure to safety and health hazards by providing the insured with Risk Assessments, Consultations, Training & Education, and Safety Performance Management.



Gray firmly believes in the safety and loss control impacts of telematics technology.  For this reason, a subsidy may be available for Gray policyholders.

Telematics Partnership

We recommend that our policyholders with auto liability exposure take the proactive step of installing telematics technology in all covered vehicles.

Committed to your business

We collaborate with you to mitigate risk, control claims, and prioritize your safety while you enjoy personalized support and the opportunity for savings.