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The Gray Insurance Company‘s Loss Prevention Department provides Safety, Health, and Hygiene Services and develops a mutually beneficial partnership between our skilled safety professionals and our insureds.

The primary goal of the Loss Prevention Department is to provide a supporting safety and health program to the insured in order to increase safety performance, thus reducing exposure to hazards and accidents in the workplace. We believe that, in order for an accident prevention program to be successful, we must involve the insured in the process while providing positive reinforcement and feedback on their progress.

Our loss prevention services are among the best and most comprehensive in the industry. Regardless of the insured’s premium volume or loss ratio, we offer quarterly loss prevention services (or more frequently upon request) at no additional cost to the insured. By properly evaluating risk and increasing the safety performance of the insured, we not only help to reduce accidents, but also increase the insured’s operational profitability.

At The Gray Insurance Company, we offer loss prevention services to manage risks related to Workers’ Compensation, Auto Liability, and General Liability exposures. Our experienced Loss Prevention representatives identify, evaluate, and eliminate or mitigate exposure to safety and health hazards by providing the insured with Risk Assessment, Consultation, and Training & Education.

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment includes risk surveys of the insured’s operations at least quarterly. These surveys include observations of facilities, projects, job sites, and motor fleets relative to the scope of work. The surveys enable loss prevention representatives to recognize hazards and make appropriate recommendations to protect the workforce, the general public, private and public property, and the environment. Representatives assist insureds in compliance with federal, state, and local governmental guidelines.

Loss analyses are conducted annually at the policy anniversary date, upon request by the insured, or if determined to be needed by the loss prevention representative due to loss experience. The objective of an analysis is to review losses and make appropriate accident prevention recommendations. During the process of the loss analysis, the representative will reassess the risk and adjust services, if applicable. Statistical analyses of trends and commonalities are conducted regarding the following:


  • Workers’ Compensation - Injuries/illnesses are reviewed by accident event/exposure, nature of the injury/illness, and body part;
  • Auto Liability - Crashes are analyzed by the types of crashes and/or crash situations, and whether a crash was preventable or not; and
  • General Liability – Types of claims filed regarding bodily injury and/or property damage


Consultations in safety, health, and hygiene are provided by loss prevention representatives upon request by the insured or upon perceived need. Assistance is offered in the following:

  • Evaluation of the insured's Safety and Health Plan, Programs, Policies, and Procedures;
  • Safety performance management, to include performance measurement;
  • Recommendations and assistance to improve safety and health performance;
  • Regulatory research, interpretation, and compliance regarding government regulations;
  • Ergonomic assessment of the workplace to impact muscular skeletal disorders;
  • Industrial hygiene evaluation of environmental stressors;
  • Loss control, to include worker first aid, stressing light duty, and return to work;
  • Behavioral-based safety to increase employee engagement in the safety process;
  • Health and wellness recommendations to ensure worker fitness; and
  • Personnel matters (i.e. employment safeguards, job descriptions, alcohol and drug testing).

Training and Education

At The Gray Insurance Company, we believe in educating our insureds’ executives, managers, supervisors, and/or workers (inclusive or separate). We offer safety and health awareness training in any safety, health, or hygiene subject. “Train-the-Trainer” programs are offered to insureds to enable them to conduct in-house training as a convenient alternative for the insured to increase worker knowledge and proficiency and meet regulatory requirements. Safety and health training, educational, and informational materials are made available to insureds periodically and upon request. While many job-specific safety and health courses are made available to insureds the following courses are provided most frequently:

  • First aid/CPR;
  • Defensive driving;
  • Managerial/supervisory safety management; and
  • OSHA Training Institute Outreach Courses.

Documentation of Loss Prevention Services and Loss Analysis

Loss prevention services provided to an insured are documented in correspondence to the insured and stored in an electronic file. These documents are made readily available to the insured through the Gray Online Data (GOLD) system. Up-to-date loss analysis information is also accessible through this application.