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At The Gray Insurance Company, we take a proactive approach to claims handling by making a personal commitment to providing our insureds with cost-effective services and optimal results.

Our adjusters offer:


  • Experience: With an average of 20 years of experience, our adjusters provide exceptional claims handling. Each insured will be assigned a senior adjuster who will provide a single point of contact to ensure efficiency and establish a unique relationship with the insured. Since we focus on niche markets, our experienced adjusters are extremely familiar with the types of claims that occur within our target markets, enabling them to handle claims from beginning to end.
  • Accessibility: The senior adjuster assigned to the insured is available to provide immediate response to the insured’s questions or concerns at any time, day or night.
  • Special Relationship: The skilled claims adjuster assigned to the account will have an unparalleled familiarity with the insured’s key managers, operations, and facilities. Our adjusters conduct and coordinate the investigation personally, maintaining active communication with the insured.
  • Communication: By utilizing the Gray Online Data (GOLD) system, the insured can report an accident, review status reports, and check the status of any claim online at their convenience.
  • Claims Administration: Our reputation is built on timely adjuster involvement during every phase of an evolving claim, from an on-scene investigation to its resolution. Our adjusters are proficient in litigation cost management and make the proper determinations regarding adequate reserves. After handling the claim in a timely and efficient manner, our adjusters will advise the insured on what steps to take to prevent further damage and to minimize the loss.
  • Claims Reviews: By offering Claims Reviews, annually, semi-annually, or by request, our adjusters ensure that they maintain a close relationship with our insureds, earning their trust by providing valuable feedback as claims develop. At a Claims Review, our adjusters will provide a summary and an in-depth review of claims to ensure that any areas of concern are addressed.

The Gray Way

When the unexpected occurs, The Gray Insurance Company is here to help. Our Claims Department listens, plans, and methodically records every detail and makes sure that all claim information is accurately and timely communicated. No matter the type or complexity of the claim, we are committed to providing the insured with superior service.

At The Gray Insurance Company we are committed to resolving your claim as quickly as possible after a loss. Our highly-trained adjusters have the right combination of experience, resources, and expertise needed to ensure the best possible outcome on your Workers’ Compensation, Auto Liability or General Liability claim.